With only 8M in SALN, where will Leni get around 5M for daughter’s Harvard fees?


Computing an international student’s stay in Harvard University, the cost would be nearly five million pesos, and with only eight million in net worth, How can Vice President Leni Robredo pay for her daughter’s tuition?

>This was the question posted by writer and New York University alumnus Krizette Laureta Chu on her Facebook account on Monday.

Following the VP’s proud announcement that Aika, one of her three daughters will be studying in the prestigious Harvard Kennedy in Massachusetts, Chu went to the site of the University to check how much the expenses would be.

“One full year is about $82,000, inclusive of room. Lets say Aika gets an allowance of 2,000 a month for food, etc. That’s 24,000. Let’s just say her entire stay costs her $100,000. That is about P5 million pesos. Leni only has P8M,” Chu said, noting that Harvard explained that the amount was the minimum needed.

Krizette Chu then said that she wanted to know now if Aika Robredo was in fact on a scholarship where she is not required to pay a cent, and if she isn’t, she wants to know where Robredo will get the money.

“That’s a valid question because she is the VP of the Philippines. And Corona died of heartbreak because of inconsistencies in his SALN. Now we need to know how someone who only has P8M can afford to send a kid to Harvard,” she said.

Chu said that it is a great achievement to get into Harvard, and to be given a scholarship by the University is a “stuff of magic”.

Robredo has proudly announced the success of her daughter, but has yet to disclose if she will be on a full scholarship but has said that they are trying to get one.

“So, Madam Leni, is AIKA a full scholar of Harvard? If yes, great! If no, how is her education going to be funded?”