Watch: Akbayan Youth Explains Why President Marcos Should Not be Buried at Libingan ng mga Bayani


A youth group activist says the body of the late President Ferdinand Marcos should not be buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani (Heroes’ Cemetery). This is after incoming President Rodrigo ‘Rody’ Duterte said that he will allow it. However, Akbayan Youth Chairperson Rafaela David explained why their group is against it. Watch video below.

“Tumututol kami sa pagpapalibing kay late President Marcos sa Libingan ng mga Bayani. The late President Marcos is not a hero. Bagkus, siya ay magnanakaw, at marami ring namatay sa ilalim ng kanyang rehimen, sa ilalim ng Martial Law.” Rafaela David told Philstar this Wednesday, May 25 in the middle of the Akbayan Youth protest.

Indicentally, the Akbayan Youth also held the protest rally in front of the House of Representatives because they believe that Sen. Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos Jr. is fooling the public when he said that there was cheating in the recent May 9 elections. This is line with the vice-presidentiable’s alleged attempt to discredit the election results.

Rafaela David said that the public should be vigilant about the issue, with the Congress starting the canvassing of votes for president and vice president that day. She noted people should not just believe in opinions, but rather take a closer look if there is really a solid evidence of the alleged cheating, especially in the vice-presidential race.

Meanwhile, President-elect Duterte consistently said he will allow the burial of late President Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani. In earlier interviews, Duterte said that Marcos was a hero and a great president. But this Tuesday, May 24, he told reporters that he allowed the Marcos burial not because he is a hero, but because he is a Filipino soldier.



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  1. Marcos might look good on his sympathizers, I don’t think he had no FAULTS, He created/imposed Martial Law because he wanted to be the President of the Philippines for LIFE. Did put people in jail to steal their properties.

    • Marcos declared martial law because of insurrection and rebellion and not for his desire to be president for life. Ask yourself why he lifted martial law in 1981 and called for presidential snap election in 1986!If he wanted to be president for life, why then he called snap electiom?

  2. I pitty this girl, shes standing on soft sand which they say its not. She didnt went to see if the sand shes standing on is really ggod to step on.