Trillanes must prove his accusation or face a stricter penalty for falsely accusation.


Netizen dares Sen. Trillanes to prove his accusation against Mayor Duterte

A viral open letter asking Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV to back up his accusations with proof against the Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV said that the Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has an undeclared bank account but declined to say where he got the information.

In a Facebook post by Ira V Panganiban in his account, he wrote an open letter daring Senator Trillanes to prove his accusation with evidence. This Post has been shared more than 210 times and counting as of Wednesday evening.

Read his Open Letter:

While I encourage Mayor Rodrigo Duterte to sign a waiver for all bank accounts in his name I really have something to say about this.

Why is it in our country that the accused is given the burden of proof?

Hindi ba ang dapat magpatunay, ang dapat maglabas ng ebidensiya ay ang accuser?

If you accuse someone of a crime as grave as you think it is, should you not be ready to back it up with evidence?

Instead you dare the accused to comply with your silly demands so you can corner him.

So yes, I want Duterte to sign your silly waiver if only to prove his innocence.

But I also dare Senator Antonio Trillanes IV, for once, to back up his accusations with proof.

Duterte does not have to comply with Trillanes’ demands. He does not have to do anything at all.

But the law says Trillanes must prove his accusation or face a stricter penalty for falsely accusing someone, anyone.

You guys want a decent society? Then here, let’s follow the law!!!!

Update: (excerpt from

Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday confirmed that he has a BPI (Bank of the Philippine Islands) account on Julia Vargas Avenue in Pasig City.

The presidential aspirant challenged Vice Presidential bet Antonio Trillanes IV to execute an affidavit on how and where he obtained the data claiming that Duterte has more than P200 million in the BPI account.

Duterte said two of his accounts only have about P50,000 and P17,000 contrary to Trillanes’


The question : Is there really a 200M on his BPI accouunt? can he prove it? 



The question : Is there really a 200M on his BPI accouunt? can he prove it? what’s the deal ?

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  1. Many of you are voting by image only.. And your reasons to the situations are shallow. Kaya hindi umuunlad ang Pilipinas. Isipin niyo future ng mga anak niyo. Dito sa ibang bansa, isang mahalagang bote ng alak lang kusa nag reresign politician. That is why there is money for healthcare, education, infrastructure and unemployment benefit. Philippines has 6% growth, many countries are still negative. Where all the money gone? Count how many have cases and are suspect all these past 50 years? Vote wisely for your children sake.

  2. So if someone could put a deposit on that account of mayor duterte ibig sabhn na pedeng lagyan nga yan ng milyon milyon na pera ng kht cno basta alam ung account number….so ibg sbhn pedeng gawin ng kampo ni trillanes na lagyan ng milyon milyon yan mapatunayan lang ung akusasyon nila….

  3. Is Mayor Duterte also joking? How did he braved himself running as President if he has only P17K and less than 15k in the bank? Senator Trillanes is a known whistle blower eversince we knew him as a senator. He is a military man and therefore he knows tactics and pshychology of course whether Duterte is honest ir not! My God! What is going on in this country? They are only candidates yet seems they are already in the position. According to Philosopher Aristotle, politics is the dirtiest game on earth!!!

    • Wala ng pag uusapan dyan..magfile ng affidavit si Trillanes tapos ang kwento ioopen na ni Mayor bank account nya..Di pwede agad agad pipirma si Duterte nyan eh di lahat dapat ganun ang gawin para makita mga tagong yaman ng mga politiko..