Sen. De Lima: Filipinos are depressed and worried about me, I gave them hope

The Filipinos are depressed and worried about me, I gave them hope~ De Lima


Manila, Philippines, The senator and her camp have always questioned the legitimacy of her detention labeling it “governments scheme” to silence her. She has always reiterated that, she wont get silenced since she is innocent and her call is to fight for the Filipinos.

Viral in social media, that some of the supporters of senator Leila De lima are worried regarding her situations and in fact requesting the head of camp crame, to install aircondition to De Lima’s jail.

This comes despite anti-crime group concern about the alleged special accommodation being accorded to the Senator at the detention center, for her alleged involvement in the illegal drug trade inside the New Bilibid Prison.

Senator De Lima, who is currently detained at the Custodial Center in Camp Crame, has lambasted the government for it’s unfair treatment to her saying that, she laid hope for many voiceless Filipinos. De Lima argued that, she is sure that most Philippines citizens are raising silent concerns about her detention and disgust for the compromised Justice System though they are afraid to raise their voices. [source]