PNoy readies for ‘normal’ lifestyle, travel, and food trip

FILE – President Benigno S. Aquino III filled in questions of the media after he leads the inauguration of the Lipa-Alaminos Road, at Barangay Lumbang, Lipa City in Batangas on April 21, 2016. (MB photo by Richard V. Viñas)

Now that the elections are over, President Benigno Aquino III is preparing to leave Malacañang and enjoy “a more normal lifestyle” when he ends his term next month.

In an interview with CNN Philippines in the evening of May 11, the President said he plans to start packing his bags and finalize paperwork in the remaining days in office.

Aquino’s post-presidency plans include living back in his residence in Times Street in Quezon City, bum around, and possible travel across the country.

“After the elections, hopefully I will have some time to start packing up… finishing all of the stuff that are still on my plate that cannot wait,” Aquino said. “July 1 might really be bumming around time,” he added.

Asked about the first thing he would do when his term ends, Aquino said he might host a thanksgiving lunch or dinner for cabinet members and friends who have supported his administration for the past six years. “It will be the last decompression moment for all of us,” he said.

When he returns to the private sector, Aquino said he would probably go on a food trip in different restaurants in the area. Traveling abroad, however, is “not foremost” in Aquino’s agenda. He prefers to visit interesting places in the country instead.

“I’ll try to readjust to a more normal lifestyle,” Aquino said. “When I look at my sisters, I really owe them less interesting times so I’m trying to take it easy for a little while,” he added.

Aquino admitted that he would be “jobless for a year” since he cannot work in industries that were under his regulation. But he has already received invitations for various speaking engagements after his life in the presidency.

“There’s supposed to be an agency that handles speakers that already communicated with some people in my comms group, they want to initiate talks,” he said.

Asked what he would miss most in the presidency, Aquino said the ability to instantly address a situation and “things will move” since he is the country’s leader. But he won’t miss the constant insults and criticisms faulting him for everything regardless of his action.

When his term ends, Aquino said he expects some opponents will take revenge and file “nuisance suits” agains him. But Aquino said he was not worried about such lawsuits, believing he has not done anything wrong or illegal during his term.

Aquino said he believes he will leave a country that is far better than the corruption and poverty-mired country he inherited from the previous government.
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