Pari gustong gawing santo si Cory Aquino



THE disregarding many netizens have reacted in a Facebook post which allegedly suggest this Jesuit priest Fr. Catalino Arevalo to beatify the late former President Cory Aquino for sainthood.

Grabe! The many Filipinos greatly annoyed because they say that they can not imagine Cory Aquino to become the 3rd Filipino saint. As much as we would like to honor Fr. Arevalo’s illusion, he would first eight coffee cup to find out what he was saying.

We have so much respect for the late Tita Cory was not his fault if there are fools who left him in the world to suggest what bluff in her honor.

That’s the illusion of height to make Santa Tita Cory. Is Fr. Arevalo sane? We still his soul, not to compromise his revered name.

She died peacefully and has left a legacy, but God forbid put Fr. Arevalo’s good name of Cory Aquino situation napakaalanganin to play and stain. That’s kasyongahan of this priest if you were to ask me.

Poor Cory Aquino – napaglaruan continuous. If he was close to her when she was still alive, the most that he could have done was pay tribute to her – make an event in her honor for his way of gratitude.

But to push for a beatification, might very Cory Aquino got up from his grave to appeal. She was a nice lady but she knows in her heart that she was not close to sainthood.

Wake up, man – then sleep again and dream of another thing, okay?

Source: newsportal-ph




  1. Saint kingina e pakantuting animal yan na adik sa tite ni Mitra kaya nga me nagmana ng kakatihan e yung Krispuki Aquino na sabik sa tite pati kuya Pnoy nya nagpatornak sya kya may siraulong iniluwal errrr Santa kadiri uhaw puki letse

  2. What??!?? Cory Aquino a saint?? Oh, my !!! Wake up, priest Arevalo.. Cory might rise from her grave if you carry on with this preposterous idea !!!. Why? Because she knows in her heart that she doesn’t qualify even just a bit.. What a nonsense, priest Arevalo. You have a lot more important things to do than this !!!