North Korea is not a Threat to the World, but a Threat to the Superpower Countries

North Korea is not a Threat to the World, It is a Threat to the Super Power Countries


Manila Philippines – The nuclear missiles and other weapons of the north Korea is NOT A THREAT to the world like what the international media s broadcasting. Remember that these media are paid by wealthy people to emphasize the negative side of the stories for their interests..

It is a threat to the super power countries and weapon manufacturers because when The North Korean completely made their defenses for their country,, the super power countries will be getting ha hard time in controlling other countries because the North Korean may influence them by creating a defensive weapons for their protection.

When these happened, no country will be dependent to the super power countries.

It is very important for each country to strengthen and narrow its military defense with all their forces and resources.

This is the opinion and analysis only but seems to be true!

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