Must Read: When Mr. Duterte’s term is finished in 2022, can we Americans borrow him for a while? – John Parsons

John Parsons and his family

I finally feel that I need to speak up.

There has been much in the press lately about newly elected Philippine President Duterte. Most of what is said focuses on his policies toward the illegal drug problem, and his direct (to put it mildly) comments to other national leaders, particularly to US leaders. The world’s press responds with concern, even alarm. In the Philippines, he is immensely popular. As an American who has lived here in the Philippines for 30+ years, I think I understand why.

Allow me to explain. First of all, the facts. 1) Americans almost never take culture and other cultures’ viewpoints and values into consideration. Almost never. That explains nonsense foreign policy and constant misunderstanding. 2) Americans are one thing; the American government is something different. Generally speaking, Americans are liked here. Generally speaking, the American government is grossly arrogant and condescending, and is often despised because of it. 3) Other nations and cultures, in this case the Philippines, are fed up because of #1 and #2.

Along comes a man like President Duterte. He is not a “ruling class politician”. He tells it like it is, no political gibberish. He identifies problems and tackles them head-on. He knows where he is going, and doesn’t waste time dancing with the stars. And he is not afraid. He is going after the illegal drug trade, which means going after politicians and large segments of law enforcement and military. He is going after chronic problems that have been perpetuated by established political practices that served only the masters and not the nation.

Fiipinos have a President, a real President, one that they are proud of. And rightly so.
He is engaging China, not challenging China. He has to. It’s the largest nation on earth, only 400 miles away, has a massive army, and pretty much controls the economy of SE Asia. Why not depend on the Philippines own ‘relational intelligence’ and the art of negotiation, of which Filipinos are masters?

No more is the day that the nation says, “We are suffocating under a blanket of drug addiction, corruption, a government that doesn’t care – and we can’t do anything about it.” Yes, the Philippines can do something about it. The national attitude has changed in only weeks. The nation is standing, is standing on it’s own, and is looking at other nations eye-to-eye. Peers. A sovereign nation among sovereign nations.

Then along comes a few international organizations and the press: “You can’t do that – respect the rule of law!” Then comes the American President (see #2 above) saying the same thing. Well, whose rule of law are we talking about? (see #1 above) Missed bomb runs in Afghanistan are just “collateral damage”, but a fierce fight against crime is a violation of human rights? So President Duterte calls the American President on his hypocrisy and arrogance. Filipinos cheer. They have a President who demands respect as an equal.

Just today, after more statements about President Duterte’s anti-crime actions and human rights, the Philippine Foreign Minister says, “[The Philippines} cannot forever be the little brown brothers of America.” The CNN writer commented, “The phrase is used in the Philippines to refer to people that are trying to act like they’re American.” What a laugh – that’s the equivalent of believing ‘the finger’ is really a Hawaiian peace sign. That’s what Foreign Minister Yasay was saying: “Stop looking down on the Philippines, stop treating us as inferiors, stop telling us what to do, and while you’re at it, go take a long walk on a short pier.” But, being Filipino (masters of relational intelligence), he said it in a nice, diplomatic way – so much so that the audience probably did not realize what he was really saying (see #1 above).

Filipinos cheer again. “We are a sovereign nation. We can and will clean up our problems. We will take our rightful place among the nations that we should have taken a long time ago. All we ask for is a little respect. treat us as brothers – equal brothers.”
I feel really good about living here.

(PS – When Mr. Duterte’s term is finished in 2022, can we Americans borrow him for a while?)

John Parsons




  1. Only this time I dedicate myself hearing and reading the news about Pres. Du30. let give him a chance of implementing his powerful Law and Order for the good change of our country. I believe in him as our President and no one can do like what he is doing now to clean up our nation.Accept him what he is. We are all human beings and God will always just to Continue his good action for our Land.

  2. I am greatly amazed and incredibly proud that one humble person among the millions of Filipinos has made to the top post and finally fulfilled his promises in a short period of time and still going on quite strong. A President like DU30 has finally stood and put his guts up and face the ever increasing problems of drugs, corruption and criminality in the country. I grew up during the Marcos time and ever since I have never ever appreciated politics in my country. Everyone knows that corruption and abuse of power since the Marcos era is very rampant in all sectors of the government. Every citizen expected that ‘People’s Power’ can bring bright changes but to our dismay it has even worsened it to certain areas in the government. Corruption is evident president after president and while criminality is rising drugs are allowed to pass through our doors via corrupt officials. It is really sad in those times no one ever cared to protect the country and its people against these evils. Election time people will only expect massive vote buying and after the pole surely another breed of corrupt officials will take over the government. And what’s next? The same vicious evils will rule the country all over again and it gets worst every other term. One could easily relate to this experience of mine in a span of over 60 years since I was a child. I think most of us in the same age level have been in one way or another a victim to these unscrupulous people in the government. I couldn’t be happier to watch a president like DU30 who is so committed, who is so real to change the entire order of governance in Philippine politics and I am one proud person to say I am a Filipino not until now. People who are outside the Philippines will never know how difficult for us to grow up in a society where corruption is a norm rather than a crime. It is even harder to accept that we are 97% Christians and the public officials are corrupt and people are corrupted. Every ordinary citizen who worked hard to earn a living and raise a family will have to just survive in this nasty environment of ours. Our own individual families are our weapon against these evil people but not recently where rampant addiction to our younger generations are getting entangled with the basic form of our society – our very own family. I hope people will understand where President DU30 is coming from. We cannot allow to break the strong and precious family system which is unique to the Philippines. We hold our parents so dearly that children will give what we can to let them enjoy the remaining years of their lives with us in our own homes and not in Resthomes or old peoples homes. In the same way we cannot allow our children to grow addicted to drugs and become liabilities in the society. This is where we need to rally behind our President in his most challenging, most dangerous and most daring effort to protect that very important fabric in our society – our Family.

    I am pleased to hear positive comments and thanking people who are raised outside the Philippines because you understand DU30 and finding time expressing it in the media. We need more people like you wherever you are in the world.

    God bless the Philippines.

  3. Thank you for the good leadership President R.Duterte.In one day will be unite whole nation.God bls you tatay Digong.Jesus said Follow me.

  4. no 1 can handle to our President he is a good MAN and a Good Fathers to Our Country.i hope Someday there will be like Mr Duterte’s Doing After Duterte Last Term..

  5. Your message is an eye opener to those who criticize our President. I am so proud that other nationals living here in our country appreciates more the moves of D30 to get rid of all the problems only this administration can do. Thank you Mr. Parson, this is really worth sharing not only to my countrymen but also to other nations especially the media who are giving the wrong signals to discredit our beloved president. I did not vote for him but the way he is doing I fully support him. PROUD TO BE A FILIPINO.

  6. I’m British and my partner is a Filipina on Mindanao. Over the last 4 or 5 year I’ve become aware of Rody Duterte and I have to say that I’ve been very impressed by his actions and what he has done in the past years for Davao. It’s refreshing to come across a politician who is for the people, rather than lining his own pockets.

    Just like John Parsons, I’ve been increasingly irritated by the western media’s attitude to Du30 and their obsessive concentration on his alleged “human rights abuses”. There is a real arrogance about the West, a continued throwback to colonialist times – one of “we know best”, whether it’s a case of imposing languages, culture or religions instead of listening and engaging in dialogue, rather than lecturing and pontificating.

    I’ve been really impressed by the Filipino people and your gorgeous country – you deserve better than some of the corrupt clique that’s controlled the country for so many years. (Don’t get me wrong, the Philippines isn’t the only country with corruption issues – here in the UK, it’s done in a more subtle manner, through “lobbying”. It’s ironic how former senior members of the armed forces or defence ministers join the boards of arms companies and how former prime ministers make millions on the speaking circuit.)

    But corruption and drugs are so endemic the scourge has to eradicated and it’s refreshing to see a politician determined to tackle the problems head on – Rody Duterte is the right man to do it. I wish him and the people of the Philippines all success!

    • Alan Milewczyk come off it sunshine…you can’t compare Britain with the Philippines. I think you have lost the plot somewhere along the way. How many people die by gunshot in UK during a YEAR? Less than 100… in the USA 12,000…and in the Philippines…???

    • Alan Milewczyk…What is your problem… can’t you see the benefits you get in the UK, good education, law and order, jobs, NHS…benefits and so much more. And yet an arrogant dumb shit like you are complaining about things in UK. You don’t appreciate what you are given. If you want to smear the UK with your shit then leave Britain and become a Filipino…your ignorance is unbelievable.

  7. Thank you Mr. Parson. I hope all Filipinos, mostly the critics read this. Because we dont have another chance if we neglect this kind of leader we have. Hope your message be a mind opener.

  8. This is what the people of the Philippine wants, a strong President, a man of deeds, means business always, he is not a hypocrite, he is what he is. The common people here are already hopefull for a better change. God Bless you always Tatay Digong.

  9. Let’s check back in 2 or 3 years. When he is done killing undesirables what will you say then when he turns on his own enemies and all who oppose him. You can’t kill your way out of a social ill. Once it starts it can not be easily stopped

    • We will cross the bridge when we get there. For now, legalistic solutions to the drug problem have been proven inutile. It is time to think out of the box and try novel solutions.

    • Those who oppose him are the ones who cause the problems of the country, had oppressed the poor and plundered the country all for the longest time, we don’t mind those are “killed”…enough is enough for these ills of the Philippine society!

  10. Very well said Mr Parson.i agree with you. Only President Duterte told filipinos before he was campaigning to quote Pls help me and i will fix this country unquote.

  11. very well said Mr. Parson. Thank you for appreciating our working president!!! People like you gives more confidence to the minds of Filipinos to have the “real change” and hopefully other nations should learn and experience this feeling for unity, happiness and peace for every country..

  12. Thanks to you for being honest and a pleasure to us as well.God will lead us to a better one and may the Lord guide our President in dealing for a better tomorrow.

  13. yes thats true we will support d30 not for us but for the future generation and world lets unite for the good of our country and the world,,god bless us all

  14. Thank you Mr. Parson for expressing your thoughts about our President. I am personally touched. I become more proud of our president because of the shared thoughts of people like you. I hope that those others, the opposites, will try to open their hearts and thoughts about what our president is trying to achieve in his term. I hope that instead of writing negative comments about our president, they will just keep quite if they cannot offer excellent strategies to solve drug problems, corruptions, and other problems of our country. Again, thank you.

  15. I agree with Mr. Parson comments and observations about our beloved President Duterte and Philippines. Here in London, I’m very proud telling the British that for the first time I’m proud as a Filipino because we have a patriotic and nationalist leader who cares the Filipinos and is willing to lose his honor, life and presidency in his fight against illegal drugs, corruption and criminality. For just two months ad president of our country, change is real. Criminals are running and scared. Organized crime are rattled for they are aware that their days are coming to and end. Narco politicians are employing dirty tactics to discredit Duterte administration with the aid of media but we Filipinos are all the way behind our beloved President. I’m proud as a Filipino. God bless the Philippines.