MRT Man who went viral identified as a working student


The post of Monique Olandesca went viral and the discussion about this topic went deep because the posts already reaches the equality and cyberbullying activists.

MRT Man who was cyber bullied by Facebook User Karla Monique Olandesca is now also identified by the Netizens as Aldrin Ryan A. from Caloocan.

Aldrin Ryan workmate said that he is a working student and sometimes went late in attending his class because of limited time.

The Netizens gave their support to MRT Man and they believe that there is a big reason why he didn’t give the seat to Monique.

They also believe that gender equality must not be abused by anyone.

“Even a girl can offer a seat to a normal guy if she see’s that this person is really tired, that is the real equality, maybe Monique Olandesca is very wrong in understanding gender equality” A Netizen said to our source.

They are hoping that MRT Man already files a lawsuit against Monique Olandesca for cyber bullying.

Aldrin Ryan is not yet giving any statement about the posts of Monique Olandesca against him.

Some anti-cyberbullying activists are also urging the Netizens to stop bullying Monique and bring the issue to the proper forum.

“Don’t fight fire with fire” said by the anti-cyberbullying activist to our source.

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source: pinoytrending