Massive amount of Construction Materials Donated by Japan & China for Marawi Rehabilitation


The Japanese government has decided to donate 26,000 tons of construction materials to the Philippines to help rehabilitate the war-torn Marawi City, Japanese newspaper Asian Nikkie said.

M/V Hirata, a government-owned cargo ship assigned under Japan Self Defense Force (JSDF) left the Port of Nagoya on Friday morning, carrying 26,000 tons of cement, steel, lumber, and other light construction materials, is expected to sail for 14 days in open sea until she reach Port of Zamboanga on June 23

On June 1, Japan stated it can only provide humanitarian aid when the government offensive is over, but because of the immediate need of construction materials, and the time it takes to deliver the goods, the country decided to send the materials in advance.

China on the other hand said it will donate 15,000 tons of reinforced concrete and galvanized steel sheets to the Philippines following reports of massive damage caused by military airstrikes in Mindanao.

Since the Philippines is not asking for any military aid, the two Asian countries said they can only provide rehabilitation help.

Although Japan and China, two of the most powerful Asian countries, have their own rifts on East China Sea, Chinese Minister of Public Works said both countries are setting aside differences to focus on helping the needy Philippines.