Leah Navarro: “Habang may sagupaan sa Marawi, si Duterte nasa Russia nag papa cute”

Leah Navarro: “Habang may sagupaan sa Marawi, si Duterte nasa Russia nag papa cute”


Former artist Leah Navarro slammed President Rodrigo Duterte’s absence in the Philippines after the Maute Terrorist group was occupied Marawi City.

Navarro started her rant on Twitter against President Rodrigo Duterte who is currently in Russia for a five day working visit.

In her tweet, Navarro asked where is President Rodrigo Duterte when the people of Marawi City needed him most. She also said that she thought that the President loves Mindanao.

She also tweeted that the President must prioritized the situation in Marawi City than his five day working visit in Russia.

It seems that the artist urged President Rodrigo Duterte to cancel all of his appointments in Russia and go back to the Philippines to monitor the situation in Marawi City and help the victims of the siege.

She even said that President Rodrigo Duterte visited Russia only just to ‘impress’ Russian President Vladimir Putin.

She retweeted a tweet of @manaydo on twitter, asking if President Rodrigo Duterte intended to create chaos while he was outside the county.

Navarro also questioned the priorities of the President, saying that Duterte prioritized his appointments in Russia than the safety of the people of Marawi.

The tweet of Navarro caused outrage from the Netizens and quickly defended the President against the tweet of the former artist.

Even Senyora on Facebook blasted Leah Navarro for her tweet against President Duterte.

She told Navarro to avoid using the situation in Marawi just to score President Duterte.

Blogger Sass Rogando Sasot also responded to Leah Navarro’s tweet, explaining the President Rodrigo Duterte is in Russia to ask for weapons that can be used against the terrorist.

The President is still not releasing it’s statement on the current situation of Marawi City, but the AFP already urged the trapped civilians to calm and stay inside their houses while the operation of the government against the terrorist group was still conducted.

President Rodrigo Duterte leaves the Philippines one day before the Maute Group attacked Marawi City.