Just In: Online Petition To Impeach Senator De Lima Started


A netizen named Joshua Jireh Cinco filed a petition to have Leila De Lima impeached as a senator of Republic of the Philippines.

In the petition Cinco said that the lady senator is the only hindrance for the country to change.

Everyone expects for change and this change cannot be true or fulfill if LAILA DE LIMA still standing as the senador of this country holding the committee on justice.

Cinco stressed that bringing back the death penalty is the only way we can truly achieve change.

Philippines is experiencing crime. in order to surpass crise death penalty must be impost. as the new administration come fort to change the community many druglords surrender and some who choose fight fort died and thus this Laila De Lima choan to be protector of these criminals though she stand firm to those who die with muchfull crime than those who die as a victim. now Filipinos we hire for change, in order to manifest change we must do our part to bring change. i urge to to sign this campaign againts Laila De Lima urging congress to file empeachment and totally, be liable for what she done.”

The lady senator is in heavy fire after constantly opposing President Rodrigo Duterte’s method of fighting illegal drug trades in the country, citing that the President has violated the suspects constitutional rights for killing them without due process.

source: trendtitan




  1. now, I fully understand even how many times she conducted an ocular inspection to NBP, they still continually doing drugs and these drug lord’s monkey business is in cheer up instead because they have all the guts, and permissions from this pretentious woman.

    let her also suffer for what she’ve done especially to the poor and the poorest victims of that illegal drugs.

    let’s take a look while she in the limelight of interviews,, you cannot feel her sincerity, you cannot see her truthfulness.. isn’t it???

  2. yes na yes. . patayin ang baboy nayan. Salot talaga yan protektador nang droga at kriminal puro lang angal wala naman nagawa nung administrasyon ni aquino. .ayaw nya talagang maging maayos ang pilipinas malaking sindikato din kasi tong putang ina na to

  3. Money speak louder nga nmn. Impeach na yang aswang na delima na yan. She won a set in senate coz of pcos machine we all know that.impeach, impeach, impeach.

  4. In ako dyan , we dont need a senator like her. Impeach her, we need changes in our society and government dealings, and a lot more, if she is an obstruction, clear her out of the senate.

  5. Yes,impeach delima wla na syang ginawa kundi hadlangan ang plano ni president duterte as if prang guilty na my kinakatakutan!tssee..alis na jan de lima prang wla namang my bumuto xa u ei..pcos din cguro ang bumuto xa u!

  6. Walang puwang sa mundo ang katulad niya dapat lang na mawala siya. Mag courtesy resignation ka na din DELIMAW para mas mabilis ang pag asenso ng Pilipinas