I am Ready to Die as a “Martyr” – Senator Leila De Lima

De lima says, I am ready to die as martyr


Manila, Philippines– Senator Leila de Lima who faces a possible arrest and jail sentence for her alleged involvement in criminal acts, has said, she is prepared to become a political prisoner and even die as a Martyr for her Advocacy for good governance.

“I have long prepared myself to be the first political prisoner under this regime, because the criminal charges and prosecution are nothing less than a politically motivated act by the Duterte regime to clamp down on any vocal opposition against bad goverment. “, Delima said

If the goverment wants to kill me as they have for long wanted, am ready to die as a Martyr for my stance” she added.

Delima’s emotional outcry followed Duterte’s statement that she should be courageous enough to face allegations of her involvement in the illegal drug trade considering the “strong” case against her since it took Justice Department enough time to gather evidence of the case.

She should face the music. Duterte said in a media interview. [source]