How to increase your chances to work in Japan



We have receive numerous inquiries in regards to the move by the Japanese government to open its doors for Filipino domestic helpers come 2016.

If you are one of the interested applicants, it is important that you start working out on the requirements needed since the Japanese government has stated that they would be hiring starting June 2016 and the competition coming from applicants will be extremely high.

Qualifications for the interested applicants:

  1. Male/Female
  2. 24-45 yrs old
  3. Highschool graduate
  4. Proficient in Nihongo(Japanese language)
  5. Must complete a 6 month TESDA training in HOUSEKEEPING.

Learning the Japanese language

This is the hardest part for the applicants to meet the requirements. Japanese language is far more complicated than English but through dedication and hardwork you’ll learn it in 3-4 months. Japanese uses an SOV (Subject Object Verb) sentence structure whereas English is an SVO (Subject Verb Object) language. Essentially, trying to translate Japanese literally into English would make you sound rather like Yoda.

Unlike English or the Romance languages, in Japanese there are three lexical systems to juggle: hiragana, katakana, and kanji. On top of that, there are different tenses for levels of humbleness and informality. Japanese is also highly contextual, built on subtle hints rather than more direct communication.

It is important for you to read this 10 essential tips in learning the Japanese languagehere. The Philippine government sponsors Nihongo class through TESDA. Visit the nearest TESDA center here

6 month Housekeeping course

The Japanese government will require every applicant to complete a 6 month TESDA Housekeeping training, TESDA in return will give you a certification in completing the required course.

If you have completed this course before, it is important that you still have the certification as a proof. For those applicant who haven’t undergo such training, please visit the nearest TESDA center you have in your locality.

Where can I apply?

You can apply at POEA. All you need is to inquire and the POEA agents will take care of you. Visit POEA at

Does working as a domestic helper in other countries qualify me for the program?

Yes, but you still have to undergo the 6 month TESDA housekeeping course. The Japanese government highly requires it.

How much would I expect as my salary? 

You would be given a monthly salary of Php65-60,000 per month plus employment benefits.

Hows the expenses in Japan?

Note that the standard of living in Japan is high, so expect the high price for the commodity goods and services but community markets have cheaper prices than buying in leading supermarkets in Japan. In terms of housing, it is recommended for Filipinos to stay in a single home and each of the tenants would share for the monthly rent.

How much could I send to my family back home? 

With all the expenses in considerations, you would be getting a net of Php18-28,000.

Now, that’s all that we could give to you. Will give the updates for this opportunity at the soonest. Goodluck on your endeavors in Japan may life be in favor for you!