How To Cure The Flu Through Your Feet


As Winter fast approaches, so does the flu season and nothing can make us more miserable than endless bouts of coughing, red, runny noses and high temperatures. For most of us, the seasonal flu is an inconvenience we can do without. Thankfully, we can get anti-flu shots these days but, even vaccines don’t always prevent a dose of the sniffles.


While there are some very good flu remedies available to purchase over the counter, there are still some traditional ones that are worth giving a go before you go running to your local drug store.

It may initially sound like an unlikely combination, but feet and onions are synonymous in forming an alternative cure for flu-like symptoms. Considering the feet are intrinsically connected to the brain through minute touch receptors, it’s worth remembering that they send integral messages to our brains.

The brain filters the message and then goes on to make necessary adjustments to the body. To conclude, the feet that we stand and walk on, can act like emergency doctors, but just how does that work in conjunction with peeled onions?
The under-the-foot wrap is an old remedy and very effective when used to treat flu, fever, sinusitis and upper respiratory disorders in general.

It works on the same basic principles that we find used in reflexology; the intimate link that exists between the sole of the foot and the rest of the body. This type of wrap is suitable for children aged six months and older and of course their adult counterparts. It’s effective, cheap and easy to put together and doesn’t require you to have to go out when you’re feeling under the weather.

Before you assemble the pack, there are some recommendations. It’s highly advisable that you first make sure your whole body is warm, not just your feet. You might want to take a hot bath or shower prior to placing the pack. This will increase body temperature rate.

Slice them into small pieces. Place the cut onions into the two pieces of cloth. Fold the cloths over and put them on top of the heated dish. When the onions are very hot, mash them with the palms of your hands to squeeze some juice out. Then immediately place them on the feet. It is hard to lie still in bed at the best of times, and even more so when we have the flu.

As the pack needs to be kept on the feet for the duration of the night, it’s important to make sure it’s tightly secured and won’t come apart when we toss and turn. To keep the pack in place, you might want to tie the cloth of onions around your foot first, before you pull your woollen socks over it. Remember, best results are reported when the feet are kept continually warm, so be sure to keep them on your hot water bottle.

In his new video, David Benjamin of Healthy, Wild and Free suggests putting a cut up onion in your socks while you sleep. The onion juice pulls toxins from your body, leaving you feeling healthy and purified. Sound strange? We agreed, until we watched the video.

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Watch the video for a full debrief on how the science of putting an onion in your sock works. David Benjamin explains how he tested this theory and where he got the idea from in the first place. Benjamin is a holistic practitioner, as is his mother, and together they advocate a green, healthy lifestyle. The onion experiment may sound particularly wacky, but it has its roots in bacterial science and traditional detoxification methods.

Does it really work?

We do not want to give too much away, but can hint that onions have been used for a long time to purify air. They naturally detox their environment by pulling in toxins and bacteria that surround them. Holistic remedies have been fashionable for a while and many people swear that they work.

from: hithenews