WATCH: Hollywood Actor Steven Seagal: Duterte has been instrumental in making the Philippines a safer place

Hollywood Actor Steven Seagal : Duterte is a very good president


Renowned Hollywood action star Steven Seagal who’s currently in the country for the production of the TV series ‘General Commander’ expressed his support to the current government and he said that he’s a ‘big fan’ of the Duterte administration.

During a press conference, some members of the media asked Seagal if he felt safe in the Philippines despite of the continuous killings of alleged criminals in the country.

Seagal quickly answered the media with ‘yes’ because he believes that the President of the Philippines is doing a great job in making the country safer for the people.

“I’m a big fan of the government, and I think Duterte is a very good president and he has been instrumental in making the Philippines a safer place,I think what he’s done is very good in terms of trying to get the control back to the people” Seagal said.

“I don’t feel like that this is a dangerous place, you know a place that’s up and coming,” Seagal added.

The TV series that he’s going to produce in the Philippines is about corruption, crime and drugs.

He’s also interested in hiring Filipino actors to be part of the TV series. Both Duterte and Seagal are big fans of President Vladimir Putin.

The actor was given a Russian Citizenship last year for expressing his support to the policies of Russia.

Seagal is also an environmentalist, animal rights activists and outspoken for his political views.

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