Duterte to Pangilinan: You are only a puppet, while I am the elected President of the Philippines


In a news article published by Philippine Daily Inquirer, Manny V. Pangilinan of PLDT advised the approaching Duterte administration to allow business to sit unbothered.

Panglinan said, “Get out of the way”.

That is the means by which the administration can help Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. (PLDT) succeed in its multibillion-peso advanced movement, the organization’s seat, Manuel V. Pangilinan, added.

Some individuals, including individuals from the legislature, don’t comprehend the execution of real foundation expected to change PLDT and Smart’sadministrations into advanced, and they could hinder the colossal venture, anticipated that would be operational by 2018, in light of absence of comprehension of it, Pangilinan said.

He said individuals from the legislature could help by not dunking their hands a lot into the venture.

“The government’s share is to get out of the way,” he said.

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Professedly, Duterte fired back and responded to Pangilinan’s harsh remark: “Simply recall that, you are just a puppet of the foreign based Salim Group, while I am the chosen President of the Republic of the Philippines!”

Salim Group is predominantly claimed and controlled by Anthoni Salim, 66, beneficiary to the fortune of his late father, Soedono, who was the greatest and nearest buddy of the late Indonesian strongman Suharto amid his 33-year administration. “MVP” has miniscule shares in the aggregate.

That the group has strived to make it known by that name, as will be clarified in this arrangement, is for a particular reason.

Forbes magazine ranked Salim as the third richest Indonesian in 2014, with his $5.9 billion net worth topping that of Philippine tycoon John Gokongwei’s $4.9 billion or Jaime Zobel de Ayala’s $3.9 billion, according to the same list.

The Forbes’ profile of Salim in 2014 is a revelation: “Salim’s Philippine Long Distance Telephone (PLDT) has invested $445 million [in] a 10% stake in Germany’s Rocket Internet.

His father,Liem Sioe Liong  founded the Salim Group; the clan was later criticized for ties to Suharto.” Salim’s PLDT, not MVP’s nor First Pacific’s.

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Source: Inquirer, filipinewsphKapinoy, Manila Times





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  2. After reading this, I am 100% convince that this post is clearly a black propaganda, one thing duterte hates is making something up and if duterte will read this I bet he’ll be mad for quoting something he never said.

  3. As much as I wanted to believe this post, I just couldn’t why? because du30 never talked to the media about anything, last one was with gina lopez and it wasn’t even an official news portal it was a video that went viral, so how can one say about this when digong himself never spoke to anyone.

  4. As much as I wanted to believe this post, I just couldn’t why? because du30 never talked to the media about anything, last one was with gina lopez and it wasn’t even an official news portal, it was a video that went viral, so how can one say about this when digong himself never spoke to anyone.

  5. Akala ko pa naman business genius si Manny Pangilinan. Employee lang pala ng foreign interests. Kaya pala hanggang ngayon ang bagal ng internet sa Pilipinas. Grabe. Kailan charge sila ng govt. Tsaka sampalan ng katakot takot na multa. Aba eh … economic sabotage ang labas nyan. Kakahiya talaga si Pangilinan. Benta nya kapwa nya Pinoy para sa pera …

    • zekgrandnagus . gusto ko lang sana sabihin na hindi ito batayan para husgahan agad si MVP, kung maaalala mo nito ng nakaraang mga linggo nag dagdag ng internet speed ang PLDT at Smart kaya nga din sila nag re-launch ay dahil winewelcome nila ang change na dala ni presidente duterte. Sa tingin mo ba magsasalita si presidente duterte ng ganito na ang tanging goal lang naman ni MVP ay maiahon din ang pilipinas sa paraan na alam niya.

      • What Pangilinan said to Gina Lopez is get out of these private businesses. Since we know tbat Gina Lopez is anti mining. Those who sucked the country’s resources without regard to the Fililino people. Duterte said he wants responsible mining. Since Gina Lopez is part of the government of Duterte, he took a potshot of how arrogant MVP was to tell the government to stay off.

  6. Can anyone please tell me where Duterte actually said this? None of the major dailies carry the quote. The Inquirer only carries MVP’s statement, but nothing from Duterte. I only see it on Blogs, Twitter and Facebook. Let’s not believe everything we read. President Duterte should immediately investigate these elements who are putting false words in his mouth.

  7. Thats our Philippines President the Davaoenos tricks is coming! God bless Digong now i dont have regret to voted you because you are the one needs to the Filipinos…

  8. Mabuhay si President Duterte, talaga we need here in the Philippines strong mam with tough decision making and not afraid to confront Drug Lords, Corruption, Priesthood ( hodini ) that was given millions of pdaf. haha, what you say Fr. Tagle and Fr. Arguelles. Money from Napoles. pwe! asshole, MVP answer your Yabang?tuta ka lang ng mayaman, akala mo pera mo yon. sus ko ginoo! bad shit ka. kiss my ass,.yo better leave the Philippines, Puppet!!! Long live President Duterte. i Love you, the best ka po. god bless you. Amen.

    • Lolita, This article doesn’t prove anything. President Duterte never spoke about this, MVP and Duterte are united force in helping filipinos and they’ve both proved that, wag sana natin pag awayin ang mga taong ito.

  9. nagmamayabang at nagmamalaki si Dudirty, di niya alam pagnagsialisan ang private entities lukapa ang labas ni Digong…hehehehehe! lets see! go MVP! akala kasi nya kaya nya diktahan lahat! Remember digong youre in a democratic country your not in China the one you love! ingot mo!

    • inggot ka rin krimlin suwarsyke. pati pangalan mo inggot. hindi pwede diktahan ng mga tuta lng ng mga kurakot ang ating presidente. buti na lng ganyan sya katapang. kung kapareho ng panahon ni pinoy anong nangyari sa pilipinas. gutom ang mahihirap at ang mga negosyante na kaya sytang suholan buhay, druglords, porkbarrel scam , massacre, at maraming patayan . iyan ba ang gusto mo krimlin. pati sa pangalan mo ay di tutuo so in short duwag ka. cocomment comment ka pa duwag ka naman,
      di kami papayag na bastosin mo ang presidente namin. DUWAG…..

    • kailangan ng mga private investors ang mga consumers ng pilipinas kaya hindi si duterte ang mawawalan kung iboboykot ng mga tao ang mga ganid na negosyante… mas mainam na mag bigayan para parehong makinabang……..

  10. I salute prez du30 for being bold of confronting those greedy capitalist. Indeed the demonic act of these Stupid business persolinalities will Meet their end.