COA hits DSWD for P12M worth of spoiled sardines


State auditors scored the Department of Social Work and Development (DSWD) for allowing P11.896 million worth of sardines spoil because these were not stored properly or were undistributed in 2015.

In its annual audit report that ended in 2015, the Commission on Audit (COA) said the delayed establishment of a sound relief goods inventory system resulted in the spoilage of an estimated P11.896 million worth of sardines.

Auditors said P11,895,723.50 worth of Goldcup Sardines were found spoiled or unfit for human consumption.

Auditors said that in 2014 the commission has noted lapses in the procurement and acceptance of relief goods because the department failed to consider the absorptive capacity and condition of the warehousing facilities and personnel, available stocks, shelf life or expiry dates and the actual needs.

This resulted in undistributed and expired relief goods, auditors added.

In 2015, the COA conducted an ocular inspection on the relief goods during Typhoon Lando and discovered the same lapses in procurement.

The COA also discovered 50 cartons containing 100 tins of tampered Gold Cup sardines that were stocked at the warehouse and other family food packs already showing signs of spoilage.

In its comment, the DSWD told the auditors that it has directed the supplier to replace the spoiled stock of sardines not later than June 2016.

The COA recommended to the present DSWD management to monitor the goods stored at the warehouse so that those nearing expiration may be disposed; and also monitor the storage conditions of the warehouse to meet the required storage conditions of relief good

The COA also urged the department to look into the causes of the spoilage, leakage or bulging of the subject sardines and make the necessary action.

The department also commented that it has developed the Relief Goods Inventory and Management System as a tool for expediting the inventory of relief goods, warehousing and monitoring of the utilization of goods using available information technologies. [souce]