Cayetano: For the 3rd Time, Witness Matobato Presented by Sen. Delima Hindi Credible


Panoorin ang Video kung credible nga ba ang witness na iniharap sa Senado.

Naka 12 strikes na po eto si Mr Edgar Matobato

– Nograles did not have any bodyguards that got killed due to politics
– Paolo Duterte studied in Philippine Women’s College (PWC) in Davao and not in Ateneo Davao
– He was never a bodyguard to Paolo Duterte as confirmed by a schoolmate
– PAOCTF was abolished in 2001 and not in 2002 thus there was no such meeting.
– Richard King was killed in Vital C office and not in McDo.
– There is no man named Matobato in CAFGU list as confirmed by the Philippine Army
– Imagine 30 bullets riddled to a victim and still alive
– Paolo Duterte was taking drugs and based his statement on looks and hearsay
– Initially said he was a ghost employee by Davao City Hall and receives 3K per month but later changed it to 5K, ano ba talaga?
– Initial questioning he revealed he killed 50 persons but later on he said it could be 1,000 or more, oh really now?
– Mr Matobato said on 2003 then CHR Delima had a police operation to dig alleged graves and was planned to be ambushed (killed) but the now Senator Delima immediately corrected that it was 2009, sino ba talaga ang witness?
– He alleged that he was a ghost employee in Davao City Hall but at the same time works at the police arm office of the City Mayor and receives monthly wage but COA and City Hall officials has already said there is no such ghost employee practices in the city, ano ba talaga?

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Conversation between Senator Lacson and Edgar Matobato:

Senator Ping Lacson: Pano nga siya pinatay? (Richard King)

Edgar Matobato : Binaril sa hotel, sa kainan. Doon binaril ng 2 kong kasama si..

Senator Ping Lacson: Anung hotel po yun?

Edgar Matobato: Sa Mcdo kumakain

Senator Ping Lacson: Eto kasi ano binasa ko, anyway madaling mag google ngayon e. Shot at close range. Pinatay, san sya binaril pala? Anung parte ng katawan?

Edgar Matobato: Sa ulo po binaril nila.. sa ulo.

Senator Ping Lacson: Shot at close range in the head while in the gathering of his distributors inside Vital C Building. Opisina niya. So mali po yung kwento sa inyo.

Senator Ping Lacson: Yun yung sinasabi ko sa inyo noh. Mag te-testify kayo under oath. Dapat totoo lahat ng sinasabi niyo. Dahil alam niyo, di ito biro-biro yung ginawa ninyo kasi pwede kayong makulong.

May ma idadagdag pa ba kayo?  This is a hilarious day, indeed!

” Share your thoughts! sa palagay niyo kung iharap sa husgado ang witness, credible kaya ang mga salaysay niya?