Call Center ng Meralco, Mabagal mag Relay ng Emergency Situation


Ito ang hinaing at reklamo ng isang consumer ng meralco, dahil sa bagal ng emergency response nito, basahin ang kanyang complain kung nakaranas rin ba kayo ng ganitong pangyayari o magkatulad na sitwasyon kung saan emergency at kailangan nyo ng tulong mula sa technical side ng meralco.

So disappointed with how Meralco handled my complaint last night
Around 1030PM, i was having my normal night. it was breezy that time when suddenly i heard an explosion outside my house and saw electrical wires sparkling like firecrackers..

I immediately called their call center for assistance. I explained to them what happened and from that moment the sparkling was still there.. afraid that something worse might happen i sought immediate assistance and told them to consider it an emergency. they told me that they will provide me help within 2-4 hours. 2-4 hours is like an eternity when you’re worried and anxious.. and it was an EMERGENCY… but of course i gave them the benefit of the doubt. It was their standard operating procedure. It was their protocol (yes, even if it’s emergency)

So Within the 4 hour period, i made around like 20 follow-ups so that they can give me special attention and consideration.. But to no avail. They even dropped several of my calls because my calls went from simple to demanding coz ive waited long enough.

It was 430AM, 6hrs had passed, 2 hours more of what is expected. Being a KOI ENTHUSIAST, ive maintained 3 ponds at home.. these special beings like we do need oxygen to breathe.. aerators run by electricity is a must in order for them to live.. like human beings, they cant live without air.. there’s this time frame that without these aerators, these lovely beings will die..
During this time, saw most of the koi gasping for air. They were like pitted in a gas chamber clinging for dear life.. saw one, two, three, four dying then dead until their number went limitless.. BLACKOUT is a thing of a past so generators nowadays is not a necessity anymore until now.

Made follow up calls every 5 minutes. My complaint was no longer just the danger of fire but the survival of hundreds of my beloved kois

My exact words were, “SIR/MADAM 6-7 HOURS NA AKONG NAGHIHINTAY MGA 100 na FOLLOW UPs na nagawa ko sa inyo hanggang ngayon wala pa rin.. NAG-AALAGA AKO NG MGA ISDA 7 ORAS NA SILANG WALANG OXYGEN ANG DAMI NANG NAMAMATAY, puwede bang kausapin ko na yung talagang pupunta dito dahil pag wala pa kayong ginawa lahat ng isda ko dito mamamatay”.
They retorted, “sorry sir wala pa po yung mag-aassist sa inyo”

What 7 hours na wala pa rin at di nyo parin alam kung sinong mag-aassist sa akin? Nakakagigil na. (Only in the Philippines)

Around 615AM, 8 hours after i made a complaint, they finally arrived.. they were like policemen on movies who came late for help.. i went down to talk to a head lineman..

ME – kuya 1030PM ako tumawag sa inyo sinabi ng call center 2-4 hours, anong oras na? 8 hours na akong naghihintay hanggang ngayon yung wires nagsspark pa… paano kung yung wires e malapit sa bahay ko? E di nasunog bahay ko? Hihintayin nyo pa bang nasusunog ang bahay bago kayo umaksyon? ganyan ba kayo magrespond sa emergency? Tignan mo kuya more than 200 ang isda kong namatay na matagal ko nang inaalagaan.. Pano kung tao yan papabayaan nyo nalang mamatay?

HEAD LINEMAN- sir, sa totoo lang yung request nyo po e nirelay ng call center sa amin around 545AM.. nasa call center po ang problema.. kami po yung nakatoka sa area nyo kagabi wala naman pong tawag sa amin.. nakastandby nga lang po kami at wala kaming ginagawa pero yung request po 545AM lang dumating

ME – kuya more than 100 calls ang ginawa ko sa center nyo tapos sasabihin mo sa akin 545AM nyo lang nareceive?

LINEMAN – opo sir. Eto po tignan nyo sa phone call. Sisihin nyo po yung call center

I dont normally do this..
Im a person who remains calm and silent despite of adversities. Im a very private person
But if it will teach people some lessons in life, will let social media do the talking…
Pag ganyan, talagang di na tayo uunlad at aasenso

So sad lang, that despite of what happened, people will always put a blame on other people..
So who will be accountable? Neither because the damage has been done and you have to move forward

And If it’s not their life, wala silang pakialam sa sayo…

Just saying – from Redford Lacanilao