BREAKING: The UN Has Officially Declared The Beginning of World War III


The chairman of the Security Councils of the United Nations, Raimonda Murmokaite, officially declared from New York on Wednesday that after World War II ended, several countries have declared against the forces called itself Islamic State or ISIS.An association of countries was held includes: The U.S, Russia, Germany, France, Iran and Iraq. All member had agreement together to destroy ISIS after they attacked France and Lebanon.

According to the Security Councils of the UN, the war which involves five countries or more is considered a World War.

Similarly, the president of Security Councils of the UN announced that ISIS will be attacked in next hours and will not stop until Supreme Commander of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, surrenders.

The president of the U.S Barack Obama spoke at that this force ( ISIS) is “ the face of evils”. He said that he felt pressured by criticism that he didn’t act enough to beat them, specially after the attack at Paris recently.





  1. Didn’t you know for all those people who says bring it on? 18 years old and above male are all gonna put to military even if they don’t want to? imagine almost all children are so busy playing games, Do you think they can protect our land? Ang aarte at pabebe na mga 18+ and Below ngayun dati nga kahit bata nakikigera na. Imagine mo nlang mangyayare sa mga bata kung ganyan mangyayare! Bring it on Bring it On pa kayo … Find peace ! no war!

  2. lahat mga pinoy mga nagccoment.haha ang tatapang.hahahaha

    Mga ulol!haha if world war 3 happens, it will be fought outside your doorsteps. Kaya ingat ingat kayo sa pag”bring-it on bring-it on” niyo.