BOC Installed 94 Cameras For Transparency Operations

photo from trendtitan

The Bureau of Customs is known as one of the graft-ridden agencies in the Philippines, now they were able to install at least 40 cameras inside their building, whereas the public may now view what’s happening and what are the employees do real-time.

However, another 54 cameras are set to install but not yet ready for the livestream in some areas like Port of Manila, Manila International Container Terminal and Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

Those cameras are controlled by the Bureau’s CCTV command center including in the BOC’s main building as well as the Commissioner Nicanor Faeldon’s office

” We are now online. The public should expect everyone at BOC to be seen. – Faeldon

Based on the Inquirer report earlier, the livestream can be accessed by anyone through its public IP address which is available in smartphones and computers with internet access.

According to the BOC, as of now their system allows 10 users only to login with username guest 1 with a password: password123.

The bureau’s Management Information System vowed that those cameras will start working in the next few days.

excerpt from source: trendtitan




  1. Good Job Comm. Faeldon. This is one way to get rid, if not totally dismantled, the corruption at the BoC. However, these “Kawatans” will always find their way of their evil ways. With the installation of the CCTVs the days of corrupt BoC employees are numbered.