Bid Up to 2 Billion to Assassinate Duterte on his Inauguration


My source told me in I don’t know if this is disinformation from the enemy camp to scare Duterte who has been mingling easily with the huge crowds that mob him. I checked with my American friends and they have heard nothing of a plot to kill Duterte. But I am not the kind to take things for granted, particularly as election tension ratches up. two assassins have been hired at 2 billion pesos apiece. The high-powered sniper rifles will be provided by PNP sympathizers. The two assassins will be posted from different angles. A diversionary explosion will be created to immobilize the crowd and two shots will be fired aimed at Duterte’s head. After the killing, the PNP will carry out the investigation and blame the killing on a drug lord..

It’s not possible this assassination attempt, don’t confused about the issues. Focus on going forward , it’s either a trap to divert attention.. Assassin don’t wait another week..armatures probably.If this plot is real, and I am waiting for proof of such a plot, I shall disseminate it to the formal and social media. But first I have to determine the authenticity of the evidence before accusing anyone. Duterte said lahat ng bagay may katapusan if god will na mamatay ako walang akong magagawa pero sa ngayon wag muna kasi di ko pa naayos ang phillipines…People of the phillipines elect me and i will do all my duty that filipino good wealth,peace and freedom suffer..its not the beggining change but forever.. and if i die its not my issue, it is a phillipines hope and i tell all filipinos “Our Beginning is the End” like marcos said.


Ito ba ay dahil sa sunod sunod na pagsuko ng mga Drug addict at peddlers na kung saan takot ang mga malalaking Drug Lords at mga Drug Personalities na ikanta?

source: topinformatictrends