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Bangladeshi Ambassador John Gomes threw insults at Filipinos on a daily basis allegedly revealed by Alex Magno, a veteran journalist of Philippine Star.

According to reports, Magno wrote about Gomes claiming that he often threw tantrums in the embassy and directed his tirades on Filipinos calling them “thieves”. There was also an instance where the envoy allegedly accused half of the Filipinas for being prostitutes. Other news also claims that he once threw garbage at a Filipino staff.

The accusation towards the envoy was allegedly from a letter written by a Filipina working the embassy. She was allegedly removed by Gomes and was not given the benefits she rightfully deserve.

Aside from Gomes’ rants about the Filipinos, she also revealed how he once directed his insult towards former President Benigno Aquino calling him “the most stupid president in the world”.

Alona T. Contridas, allegedly the Filipina responsible for the letter filed the complaint against Gomes on the National Labor Regulations Commision for skimming P3,000 of her P15,000 monthly salary and illegal dismissal.

She claimed that Gomes regularly abused her and would add insult to injury as he calls her stupid or dirty in front of other people to see.

The letter have reached the prime minister of Bangladesh, Malacanang Palace and is now on the Court of Appeals. However Gomes is claiming for diplomatic immunity.

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  1. Although I cannot independently verify his comments, but if they are true – as a Bangladeshi I’m ashamed of our ambassador who proved himself unworthy of representing our country as he has behaved in the most unprofessional and undiplomatic way. I’m surprised how he became a diplomat in the first place ! I understand he is under lot of pressure to repatriate the millions of dollars stolen from our central bank that ended-up in Filipino bank; probably he lost his mind…I have deep respect for Philippines and Filipino people, you deserve all of our admiration. Please do not judge all Bangladeshis just looking at one.

    • Thankz for ur understanding sir,and im so sorry for all the bad comments of our fellow filipinos,they r just Feeling mad of what your embassador threated our fellow filipina,,,no bodies perfect in this world,,,

    • your right not all Bangladesh just like your ambassador..even in our country not all Filipinos are thieves.or wat so ever…some other bangladesh
      are kind.

  2. Dont judge our fellow filipino because i saw the website of what of your counry gilrs are doing too..
    Nobody is perfect we are educated and we are very clean to our body not like your fellow bangladeshi smelly and doesnt know how to speak in english well…
    Bastard idiot busy body look whats happening into your country first before your judge…

  3. Kapal ng mukha ng gago na yn tingnan m yng mga kababayan mo???naliligo sa,pusali walang alam kainin kundi noodles lng …payat payat lng swelduhan ng candy…at least proto sa pin as mga class sa inyo mga prosti nyo walang ligo…mga kadiri kyo d kilala ang deodorant