Ang Dahilan kung Bakit Umaataki at Agresibo si Trillanes kay Pangulong Duterte


Binulgar na ang dahilan kung bakit gigil na gigil si Senator Antonio Trillanes kay President Duterte. Kaya naman pala galit na galit eto yun pala may mabigat na dahilan.

May koneksyon pala ito sa sinabi ni President Duterte na “kung nagugutom ang pamilya mo, wag mo kaming idamay”

Netizen reveals the reason why Senator Trillanes starts to criticize the current administration

From an alleged hidden wealth from a controversial TV advertisement, Senator Trillanes didn’t stop in his tirades against Duterte even the election is already over.
The Netizens were still clueless why Senator Trillanes was so aggressive to President Duterte.

Netizen Butch Ruiz Baliao may already knew the answer. In a Facebook post, Mr. Baliao revealed the alleged reason why Senator Antonio Trillanes started throwing tirades against the Duterte administration.

He claimed that the parents of Senator Trillanes, Captain Antonio Trillanes Sr and Estrelita Fuentes were suppliers at the Philippine Navy, but banned from participating in biddings due to their involvement in government anomalies.
Mr. Baliao didn’t told exactly what the family of Senator Trillanes were supplied to the Navy.

“Trillanes started throwing tirades against the establishment when his parents, who were suppliers at the Philippine Navy, were banned from further participating in biddings there due to their involvement in government procurement anomalies,” Libao said in his post.

He also said that everybody in the military knew what happened to the business of the Trillanes family.

“Everybody in the military knows this. That’s when he started his career as attack dog,” he added.

This week, Senator Antonio Trillanes IV release a document showing the alleged bank transactions of the Duterte family.
In response President Duterte told Trillanes that if his family were hungry, don’t involve other people.

The camp of Senator Trillanes is not yet speaking on Mr. Baliao claims.