2 Congressmen, Governors and 5 Mayors next in PNP anti-drugs target list

2 Congressmen, Governors and 5 Mayors next in PNP anti-drugs target list


Two governors, two Congressmen and five mayors from the Visayas and Mindanao are now next targets of the Philippine National Police anti-drugs campaign, a deep source told Philippine Observer.

A big-time businessman based in Cebu is also being hunted down by a special force created by the PNP to run after big-time drug lords and heads of criminal syndicates.

Last year, Philippine president Rodrigo Roa Duterte exposed 130 names of people allegedly narcopoliticians. As of today, three high ranking government officials reportedly involved in drugs are dead.

Ozamis city mayor Reynaldo Parojinog, his wife, his brother and 11 other close associates are killed after using force against police operatives who conducted an early dawn raid reportedly to serve warrants of arrest issued against the family. Parojinog’s daughter, Vice Mayor Nova Princess Echavez and his younger brother Rey Jr are now being held by cops while their uncle, Ricardo, is still missing.

The raid against the Parojinogs came after an AFP general boasted in one gathering that Duterte and the PNP chief are helpless in stopping drug distribution reportedly controlled by the Parojinogs in Misamis Occidental. The Parojinogs reportedly supply the shabus being sold by Herbert Colangco inside Bilibid prisons.

The source says their mission is to finally cut the distribution channels in the Visayas and Mindanao. Drug lords are using the unprotected sea lanes to distribute shabu worth billions manufactured locally into towns and cities of the Visayas and Mindanao.

The flow and distribution of shabu remains intact due to alleged protection being provided by these narcopoliticians, the source says. PDEA sources say as much as 14 billion pesos exchange hands every month in the Philippines. Drug prices have fluctuated over the past months due to the PNP’s relentless anti-drugs drive. Inspite of higher priced metamphetamines, drug dependents estimated to be between 3-4 million Filipinos continue to consume the lethal drugs.